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By providing the data below you can initiate the issue of the conceptual statement. Demand is only possible if the required data is filled out and an official map copy is attached which cannot be older than 60 days. (a copy from TAKARNET system is sufficient). If you are requesting conceptual statement as a registered client than you can download the document from the closed cases. If you are requiring without registration than as requested we will mail it to you electronically or by post. The statement has a fee in case if based on the water demand provided on the submitted form the required connection diameter for drinking water connection exceeds 32 mm.
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Please attach the official map copy which within 60 days
Data of the planned construction
Construction purpose
Construction type
Number of planned apartments
Number of currently supplied apartments
Please give the total daily water demand. Informative data on the daily water demand according to the floor area of the apartment:
Apartment area m2 Daily water demand m3/day
0-59 m2 0.3 m3/day
60-99 m2 0.45 m3/day
larger than 100 m2 0.6 m3/day
Planned wastewater emission day
Claimant data
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