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The discount card of Budapest Waterworks, Water-Plus Card, which may be requested free of charge, provides you with numerous immediate discount options for some of the Company’s Water-Plus services, as well as some of the services and products of our partners who have joined the card program.

You do not have to collect points, you do not have to purchase goods for a certain price in order to get the discounts: it is enough if you show your Water-Plus card at the points of sales which accept the card.

Why is it worth to request a Water-Plus card?


  • with the card you can use some of the Water-Plus services at a discount.
  • our partners who have joined the program provide you with a discounted price for numerous products and services.
  • the number of our partners and discounts is constantly increasing.
  • the card provides you immediate discounts, you do not have to collect points or purchase goods for a certain price.
  • to use the discounts it is enough to present the card.
  • the card is accepted in several Hungarian cities.
  • it can be requested by anyone regardless of their residence.
  • you can request the card free of charge, and it only takes a couple of minutes.
  • Water-Plus card is valid for an unlimited period of time.

In addition to the discount of the price for some of the Water-Plus services, with Water-Plus card you can also benefit from numerous offers provided by our partners who have joined the program, such as wellness weekend, sanitary ceramic products, household appliances, gardening equipment, cosmetics or theatrical performances at a reduced price. The scope of discounts provided by Water-Plus card is constantly growing, of which we inform card owners regularly in our newsletters. Further information and subscription to the newsletter: Water-Plus services

Please allow us to send you our newsletter related to the Water-Plus card program to the email address specified above. This allows you to regularly learn about the discounts offered by the card program and new partners. See the general information for more details.
Please allow us to contact you about other services, discounts and promotions of Budapest Waterworks. This way we can notify you of our unique offers and sweepstakes.
Please allow us to contact you during our market research and opinion polls. The opinions of all our customers are important to us!

Contribution to the above uses is voluntary and subject to appropriate information and may be revoked at any time, without limitation, at the address of Budapest Waterworks (1397 Budapest, Pf. 512) or contact our customer service team in the "CONTACT US, ONLINE CASES” – Message sending menu item by filling out our form.

The general information of the Water-Plus card and discount program and the data management information of the Water-Plus card can be found in the Privacy menu in the footer of the website