Frequently asked question

To register, you only need a water bill and a valid e-mail address. After filling in the data requested in the text fields, please read carefully and accept our privacy statement by clicking on the checkbox. To help you fill out the form, please use the small information fields displayed on the right side of the text fields, where the requested data format is shown, for example, "the password must contain at least 8 characters". You will have to confirm your registration within 72 hours via the link sent to the e-mail address provided by you.

The monitoring and data management of multiple points of consumption can be carried out with a single registration; therefore, registering an account for each point of consumption is unnecessary.

By selecting "Add new points of consumption" from the drop-down menu in MY PROFILES - EDIT PROFILE menu item, you can increase the number of managed points of consumption using the data indicated on the bill. Data is loaded automatically; therefore, repeated consent to data processing is required. Since multiple points of consumption may belong to a single business partner number, in the event of adding a business partner number, the system will automatically add all of its associated points of consumption.

You can currently use the online customer service with two types of profiles: as a customer and as a community representative. As a private or corporate user, you can view and manage your data in the Customer profile on the interface. If you are an official representative of an apartment block, you can use the Apartment block representative profile to view and manage the data of all of the buildings managed by you. This option is available if you are registered as an apartment block representative at our company. To register, you will need your apartment block representative business partner number and the current account number of one of the apartment blocks that you manage. The business partner number of the apartment block representative is in the letters sent by our company that contain the list of submeters, but you can also contact our customer service department for the number.

Yes, if you are a community representative, you can have both a customer and a community representative profile. You can add new roles at any time after registration in the "Edit profile" menu by clicking on "Add new profile". You can switch between different profiles and display points of consumption by clicking on the relevant icon.

Only one registration can be made with an e-mail address, but an unlimited number of points of consumption can be assigned to each registration.

You can switch between profiles by clicking on the icon already known from the registration process in the upper menu bar.

We send e-mail notifications to the e-mail address associated with the registration. If your e-mail address has already expired, you can use it to log in, but we can no longer send notifications or forgotten password reminders. 

You can set the circumstances in which e-mail notifications are not requested in the MY PROFILE / Modify registration data / Set up e-mail notification.

If your e-mail address has changed, you can change it in the MY PROFILE / Modify registration data menu. After entering the new e-mail address, we will send a confirmation e-mail to the new e-mail address, and the confirmation.

After entering the new e-mail address, we will send a confirmation e-mail to the new e-mail address, and after confirmation you can log in with the new e-mail address.

Please enter you e-mail address, check the box entitled "I am not a robot", then follow the instructions and select the appropriate items on the image displayed in the pop-up window. If you have provided your data correctly, you will receive an e-mail and then click on "Send". You can enter a new password by clicking on the link provided in the e-mail.

Please contact our customer service.

For the enquiry, you will need a copy of the bill issued for the registered point of consumption in order to be able to provide the necessary data (device location code, current account ID).

Not required. You can add all your points of consumption to the online system with only one registration in My Profiles / Edit Profile / Add new points of consumption menu using the data on the bill.

All entered names must be at least 3 and maximum 30 characters long. Please choose accordingly.

If you’re acting as the authorised representative of the apartment block and your appointment has been officially communicated to our company, but you do not have the necessary information, please contact our customer service.

To display the previous meter readings in a table format, please select the device on the point of consumption that you want to display either by using the serial number or name, and then click on the date in the calendar to select the start and end dates for the time period in which you want to check the meter readings.

The requested time period can be selected from the drop-down table by clicking on the calendar days.

If you wish to look at data from past years, you can switch to a yearly calendar view by clicking on the names of the months, then you can select the month and year and click on the days of the specific time period you want to check.

Previous meter readings can be downloaded in Excel format by clicking on the download icon in the lower right corner and can be stored on your device after saving the file.

Yes, if you register.

No modification is possible. Please contact our customer service if the recording is incorrect.

You have the option to cancel certain types of e-mail in the MY PROFILE / Change registration data / Set up e-mail notifications menu.

If you do not want to be notified of the start of the meter reading period, remove the check mark from the end of the line "Beginning of reading, dictation period" and Save the changes.

If your water consumption is billed by Díjbeszedő Holding Zrt. (Municipal Fee Collection Ltd.), you have to contact our Partner for information regarding the balance of your payments and any related information. In this case, our company only maintains records of consumption and other non-public service related current account data.

If your water consumption is billed by Díjbeszedő Holding Zrt. (Municipal Fee Collection Ltd.), you have to contact our Partner for information regarding the balance of your payments and any related enquiries. If you are receiving electronic bills, you can request the information through, a host website for electronic invoicing systems. In this case, our company does not maintain a record of the point of consumption in the billing-related menu sections, since those only contain the bill items related to other services performed by Fővárosi Vízművek Zrt. (Budapest Waterworks Ltd.).

If other, non-consumption related payment transactions (such as design approval, submeter installation for billing, registration, other services) have been made, these items can be displayed by clicking on the billing-related sections of the menu.

It is not necessary to request a copy of your electronically issued bills, because you can download certified copies from the Display bills menu item as soon as they are issued.

First, please select the customer service point convenient for you, then select the specific administration task from under the "Book an appointment" menu item. Having completed the selection, the available dates will be displayed in green on the calendar. Having selected a time slot for your appointment, please enter your e-mail address, click on the "I'm not a robot" checkbox and then you can finalise your appointment by clicking on the "Booking" icon. At the end of the process, your reservation will be confirmed in a pop-up window and an e-mail will be sent to your address containing the details of the appointment.

No registration required for booking an appointment.

Please click "Change appointment" or, if you wish to delete the booked time slot, "Cancel appointment" in the confirmation e-mail.

Each document can be 5 MB at most, and the total size of files to be sent cannot exceed 20 MB. File types: DOC*, XLS*, PDF, TXT, JP*, TIF*

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