Application for new water and sewage service connection

Dear Customer,

You can require new water and sewage service connection in the following way:

  1. In order to examine if drinking water and fire water demand can be provided for at a certain property, you have to apply for a policy statement. The policy statement is not a condition for implementing a new service connection, however it is highly recommended for non-residential consumers. You can apply for it at our online customer service.
  2. Application for connection and request for an offer regarding the implementation of service connection - it is available at our online customer service in this menu item
  3. Preparing plans
    1. Residential consumers have to prepare a connection plan (You can ask for it from our Company under point 1, find more information about the service here)
    2. Non-residential consumers have to prepare and obtain approval for a connection plan as well as an in-house water and/or sewage network plan (Find more information about it in our report on approval of water network plan, you can initiate the approval of a plan at our online customer service)
  4. Traffic engineering plan and public utility consultation (available at our online customer service for our registered customers).
  5. In case of water service connection a water meter chamber (shaft) is to be built (find here our requirements regarding the building of shaft) / in case of sewage service connection it is to be connected to the pre-establishedsewer service pipe
  6. Order of new service connection based on the service provider’s earlier approval - it is available at our online customer service in this menu item for our registered customers

We hope to welcome you soon among our customers!

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