Apartment submeter billing request

Dear Prospective Customer!

The apartment is metered for billing needs you can start it through online customer service if

  • the apartment side meters have already been installed in accordance with the technical guidelines and require intallation from our company (installation and replacement were not performed by our contracted contractors)
  • you know the „készülékhely azonosítószám” number of the connection meter location (can be given by a common representative), your consumption will be deducted from this meter.

The online applicant also qualifies as an online registration, therefore the provision of an e-mail address and the acceptance of data management information are mandatory.

After you submit your application, we will send you a confirmation email and a registration email to the email address you provided. Please read both carefully and follow the steps.

The confirmation e-mail contains the date of intallation, if the date is not suitable for you, you can change the date after logging in to the online customer service in the Book a time slot / Meter replacement menu.

If emails do not arrive within 24 hours, you can contact our customer service team in the "CONTACT US, ONLINE CASES" Message sending menu item by filling out our form.

We hope to welcome you among our customers soon!

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The „készülékhely azonosító szám” of the main meter from which the appartment water meter will be deducted. Ask the common representative!
The serial number of the main meter from which the appartment water meter will be deducted. Ask the common representative!
Data of the connection meter's bill payer
User of the connection meter:
Connection address:
Address of point of consumption
The address/HQ address is the same as the address of the place of use
Mailing address matches the address registered address
Title of the contract
This is the owner name
Number of meters
This is where you set the start of your billing.
Please choose to upload or create a sketch here on the interface. The sketch must include the rooms in which there are water pipes, spouts (taps, water intakes). You can find sketch samples on our website. On the interface you can draw freehand, insert a text box and place icons.
Please select from the options.