Fire hydrant permit

Dear Visitor,

By filling out the form below, you can apply for a water carrying permit from our company for a fee, you find the current charges here.

If you are a registered user, please log in.

If you have previously requested a water permit from our company, but not online, then ask our agent to register online and then you can submit a claim more easily by logging in without having to enter the details of an applicant.

The online claim form is also considered as an online registration, so it is mandatory to provide an email address and accept the privacy policy.

You must submit your claim at least 15 calendar days before the start of water carrying. It is possible to request emergency treatment if the water application period does not exceed 30 days. In this case, the permit will be issued within 3 business days, for which you will find the administration fee here.

The following documents are required for submitting a water carrying permit for non-residential users:

  • Company's specimen signature and certificate of incorporation or proof of sole proprietorship.
  • If the claimant and his administrator are not the same, for signing a water contract for more than 30 days requires proof of representation or authorization (as provided in the Civil Code and the Code of Civil Procedure as required by law).

Please specify exactly where you need water use!

1. Please give details of the reason and purpose of the water carrying. Please describe in detail what activity or task you need to carry water from the hydrant.

(Example: Watering 700 public trees on behalf of the Y District Municipality 5 times in 2 months, which I attached to the contract. Measured water purchases are not available in my area, my site is rural.)

1000 / 1000 karakter

2. Please provide the technologies, the technology description of the water use, name of the devices, their volume you would like to use during water carrying period.

(Example: For watering trees I would like to fill the water from a hydrant to a vehicle licence plate ZZZ-555, 2 m3 tank, and water the trees along the route. I have attached a copy of the registration certificate.)

1000 / 1000 karakter

3. Please specify the technologies you wish to use to draw water from the hydrant.

(Example: I want to connect the hydrant with a fire hose at the time of filling. The other end of the hose can be connected to the fixed filling unit of the tank with a stopcock)

1000 / 1000 karakter

4. Please provide a detailed calculation of the amount of water required according to the purpose and technology of use.

(Example: Watering a tree: water requirement of 1 tree every 50 liters - 700 trees, watered 5 times - 0.05 m3 * 700pcs * 5fits = 175 m3 total water requirement)

1000 / 1000 karakter

5. Please specify the duration of water círrying with a copy of the schedule attached to the application.

(Example: The watering period is from May 1 to June 30, which is 62 days. Watering every two weeks depending on the weather. A watering period takes two days.)

1000 / 1000 karakter
Water abstraction schedule.
Purpose / technology of water use.
Amount of water per unit.
Unit of measurement 1.
Technology's full demand.
Unit of measurement 2.
Total water consumption (m3)
Total daily water demand (V/l) (m3/day)
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Representative's name
Position of the authorized representative
Representative's e-mail
Representaive's phone number
Please attach the document authorizing the representative's authority (representation document, power of attorney)
Address / Registered seat
Mailing address matches the address registered address