Meter reading entry

You can submit your meter index on the following page without registration or log-in, using the information provided on your bill.

Please note that out of your reporting period, you will not be able to record your meter index. In this case, after processing the data entered, our system will notify you of the next reporting period in a pop-up window. During the service provider's reading period, you can only record the meter reading by attaching a photo

The system provide information about the successful recording of the meter reading in a pop-up message and via e-mail.

In the case of pop up message, you can be sure that the meter reading has been recorded  and the photo has been attached.

If, in addition to these, you want to make sure that the meter reading is successful, or you need to check your other data, you can display and check all your consumption or contract data after a few minutes of registration.

You can find your meter location number in the Information section of your water bill.
You can find the serial number on your water bill, in the first column of the Billing details table.
The earliest date of submitting the water meter reading is the first day of the reporting period for the specified water meter, the latest date is the present day.
Please enter the meter index as an integer number, in m3.
Please enter your e-mail address where our colleagues can contact you if necessary.
Attaching a photo is only mandatory during the one-time provider reading period, and the system will automatically.


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